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Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter LCE Photographer of the Year 2024. With nearly 13,000 entries, we were overwhelmed by the incredible quantity and quality of submissions. Watch out for details of LCE Photographer of the Year 2025 which will be announced later this year.

# Abstract


David Higton

Intentional camera movement – taken at West Kirby.

# Action


Kaushik Majumder

Village boys race at breakneck speed in the bush.
They have no other toys but happily use old tyres for their game.

# After Dark

Ready to Depart

Alexander Howard

This photo was taken at West India Quay Station, on the Docklands Light Railway. I’ve added motion blur and new headlights using Photoshop’s light flare tool to make this photo stand out.

# Birds

Incoming Gannets

Linda Ariss

On a boat around Bempton Cliffs, watching the many Gannets. They sometimes looked so ungainly, splaying their wings & feet out. But, wow, when they fold themselves into a dart shape and dive in for a fish, they are magnificent and a joy to watch.

# Drone

Haldon Belvedere Misty Sunrise, Devon, England

Daryl Baker

I’ve had some fantastic opportunities up here at the Belvedere over the past few months, revisiting time and time again and praying for the perfect conditions. However, it never crossed my mind it would be this good.

I set out from home driving into a massive amount of fog only being able to see about a metre in front of me. I acted fast and headed to some local hills, but was disappointed as it was a high fog. I took a gamble and drove up to Haldon hoping for a result, driving in thick fog for about 10 miles. Turning off the A38 to drive towards the Belvedere, I couldn’t believe it. It was clear, and the fog/cloud was brimming over the trees, leaving an inversion.

I raced down, parked up fast, and launched the drone. I remember shouting YES out loud when I saw what was on my screen! I was so happy to be able to get these conditions, frantically trying to capture all the angles I could before it all dissipated!

# Landscape

Sunset at Shiprock

Curtis Blum

Navajo Nation, New Mexico, USA.

Before he died, my dad assigned me the task of scattering his ashes in a few places. This place was one of them. After WWII, he came home and spent a few years on the Colorado Plateau in Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado looking for Uranium, hoping that a good find would make him wealthy. That didn’t happen, but he always loved this area for the rest of his life. This photo was taken the evening I spread his ashes, just below the monolith.

# Macro

Wasp Trio Drinking

Ian Mears

This image is from a summer project in 2023, looking into the lives of the common wasp through photos taken over several weeks in different weather and lighting.

# Music


Dominic Beaven

Lead singer of Amon Amarth, Johan Hegg, live at Brixton Academy.

Despite not doing much live performance photography, I was lucky enough to get a photo pass for one of my favourite bands, Amon Amarth. This was the moment the lead singer pointed directly at me, and I was lucky enough to capture it.

# Pets

Anti Gravity Dog

Daniel Sheridan

This is Rusty, a King Charles Cavalier.
If there’s one thing he isn’t rusty at, it’s getting massive airtime!

# Portrait

Authenticity is a New Future

Lora Arkhypenko

Personal project. The main goal of the project is to encourage people to think about the value of natural beauty and discover new depths in their perception of beauty. Reminding us where everything comes from and displaying how important it is to accept natural beauty with age and facial changes.

Everything in the picture is natural materials: wood, plants, linen, cotton, leather, and ceramics. Each element is a reminder of where it all begins.

# Street

The Last Train

A B M Nayeem Siddiquee

I was crossing the railway station during winter morning while the last train was going to leave their station. The children were very excited about their journey. The happiness in their eyes inspired me to take the image.

# The People’s Choice

Yaks Nupse

Patrick Pfirrmann

On the way to Mount Everest I saw a group of Yaks and a Sherpa coming around the corner. In the back you can see Mount Nuptse in it‘s cold an icy dress.

# Travel

Valencia Opera House

Graeme Hilditch

Long exposure of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia.

Overall Winner

# Wildlife

Long Tongued Bat Approaching Banana Leaf

Marilyn Taylor

The bat image was taken at a remote location in northern Costa Rica in December 2022. It was dark, so it was very difficult to see these tiny bats flying like ghosts. We could only photograph for a short time as they soon flew off somewhere else. This was probably one of the most interesting ‘shoots’ I’ve ever been on – it was absolutely fascinating. The fact that I got a couple of super images out of it was a terrific bonus.

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