Buttercup Echoes

Fo Bugler

A composite of images I took of buttercups down a Dorset lane whilst at a festival.

Columna Reborn

Bevil Templeton-Smith

Crystal of artificial sweetener, melted, crystallised and photographed on my 1970 Leitz Orthoplan polarising microscope, with crossed polarisation. A wave plate made from mica produces a burst of colour. Hundreds of slides and thousands of photographs later, I have a small set which are worth sharing. Columna Reborn is one of them.


Derek Snee

On a balcony overlooking the busy concourse of Kings Cross, I experimented with in-camera multiple exposure. I took one shot and then waited for someone to ascend the escalator in from of me in order to map a second shot onto the first.

Crazy Worlds

Alex Rosen

This is a crop of a piece of fading street art on a hoarding to a car park. The interlocking circles and crazing gave me the idea for a title. Nikon Z7, 24-70mm lens at 37mm, 1/1000 @ f5.6, ISO 3200


Patrick Mcdonald

Some people from below, at Kew Gardens. An interesting perspective.

Firey Sunset

Viv Buckley

I used intentional camera movement to capture this seascape image and by moving the camera in a loop and drag with a long exposure I was bale to craft this piece.

Oil On Water

Rosemary Wenzerul

Photographing oil on water is an absolute fascinating and great fun thing to do during the Winter months. Every time you disturb the oil, a new abstract design will appear. Unfortunately, you will never be able to make the same image again. You can use plain or multi-coloured backgrounds. Once you start you will want to try all sorts of things. I just love it.


Edwin Galea

This is an image of reflections in water. The reflections are of windows from a high-rise office building in Canary Wharf London. The water is in one of the lochs that surround the building. The reflections were mesmerising as they danced on the gently moving waters surface.


David Higton

Intentional camera movement - taken at West Kirby

Salt Crystals

Arundhati Bhattacharya

South of La Palma, is located Salinas de Fuencaliente (Salt fields in Fuencaliente). The contrast of the white salt, blue of the North Atlantic Sea and dark Volcanic Earth! Nature's colour palette - the sea water trapped between mud and stone, as the sun evaporates off the liquid forming sparkly crystals and incredible colours of yellow, blue and stunning hues of pink.

The Aliens Are Coming!

Nicola Holden

This image is one of a series of photos I took for a photo project called The Car Wash. It was a drive in car wash and all the images were taken through the windscreen on my Samsung mobile phone. I was amazed by the colours and shapes that formed as the water mixed with the cleaning chemicals, as well as the strobe lighting which contributed to the dramatic affect.

Air Time

Jack Currie

Fetch Is Life

Simon Duggleby

Poppy the sprocker loves her ball! On long walks she will drop it, watch it roll away and then fetch it. This is a shot I'd been trying to get for a long while, trying to capture her focus and speed at getting to her ball.

Flat Out

Alex Rosen

During the winter months the sand racing on Mablethorpe beach is a great photographic subject, lots of action with sand and spray to add to the drama. This was taken some years ago. Canon EOS 1Ds, 70-200mm lens @ 148mm, 1/500 @ f4, ISO 100

Forearm Smash

Andrea Wilson

This is a close up of action captured during a local amateur Rugby League game. It captures the effort and hard knocks that take place whilst playing rugby.

In The Ring

Nick Alston

“In the Ring” It brutal, it's tribal, it's been a sport since the Roman Empire. For the Boxers, the fight will be the result of intensive training six days a week, five hours a day. The music is loud, the lights are bright, the crowd are screaming, shouting, supportive. The Bell sounds and the lone Boxers launch into a skilful set of offensive and defensive moves. It's over, there can only be, one winner, “In the Ring”.

Modern Gladiators

Nick Ledger

BKB™ Bareknuckle fighter Johnny Lawson lands a right hook on his opponent, Reece Murray during BKB33 on May 21st 2023 at Indigo at the O2 in London.

Puppy Power

Christopher Johnson

Young Aussie Shepherd puppy in full flight across a bridge

Shirt Puller

Victoria Andrews

My local rugby team determined to win and take down one of their opponents.


Kaushik Majumder

The village boys are in action to complete a race with their playing tyres in a village bush in a pleasant morning. They both are in break neck speed for winning the race. The race is unique as they have no any kinds of playing materials or toys, but have a greater innovative sens of inner mind. So they use the tyres for their competition happily without any grievances.

Unveiling The Spirit Of Arabian Camel Racing

Dileep SS

Feeling the race up close and witnessing the swirling sand capture the true spirit of the race. The camels exhibit remarkable physical traits and endurance, embodying a unique blend of strength, agility, and stamina. Their sleek bodies and powerful legs are finely tuned for the demands of the track, allowing them to reach impressive speeds. The endurance of racing camels is a testament to their adaptability to the challenging desert terrains, reflecting generations of selective breeding and a deep connection with the Arabian heritage. I wanted to personally highlight the unique spirit of camels, their strong sleek bodies and powerful legs, their exceptional mix of strength, agility, and stamina, and the vibrant energy the race brings to the atmosphere which is unparalleled by anything.

Damrak, Amsterdam

John Anthony Blackman

This is the mooring point for a multitude of glass-roofed boats on Amsterdam's Damrak. It's a place I go to every time I'm in that city in the hope of getting it relatively boat free. I have once. This is it. The houses are floodlit and the the sun has only just gone down

Lincoln Cathedral At Night

Andrew Scott

Snow falling on Michealgate in Lincoln with Lincoln Cathedral in the background

London Calling

Mike Martin

This is a composite. The night scene was taken from the Director's office balcony where I worked (I was asked to capture the view as a retirement gift), and is a stitched panorama of 8 images. I've overlaid the silhouetted of the young chap as I wanted to give the feeling of someone who is continuously drawn to the City. Panorama: Pentax K5, 17-70mm, tripod

Piccadilly Circus - London - 2019

Tommaso Carrara

While on Piccadilly Circus for a night shooting, I stumble upon this figure who I can' t help but photographying

Ready To Depart

Alexander Howard

This photo was taken at West India Quay Station on the Docklands Light Railway. To make this photo stand out, I've added motion blur and some new headlights using photoshops light flare tool in the filters tab.

St Pauls At Midnight

Joe Moroney

Shot at midnight, my first ever attempt at a long exposure. I'd wait for a London bus to stop at a red light and when the lights turned 'green' I'd release the shutter for a 6.5 sec exposure. Taken with my Fuji XT-2 and 16mm 1.4 lens.

Sugar Factory

Naomi Foster

Went to Norfolk at Midnight on a really cold night as a friend said the factory would be steaming was lucky to get these amazing colours reflecting in the canal

Sycamore Gap - The Last Show

Ian Sproat

The last show and shot I got just a week or so before it was maliciously chopped down , sycamore gap was so close to my heart for so may reasons , it was a place of peace for so many including myself , when ever I needed a break from normal life I would drive to twice brewed park up and make my way to the magical tree , I don't think people understand how important this place was for some of us, sadly no more. This particular evening was very special, a group of people were standing around waiting for a show of northern lights to appear, a lot had left in fear they'd missed it, but me and a friend named wil agreed the best was yet to come, and boy were we right, to date one of the best shows I've ever seen in this country, now this image is even more important to me and will forever remain one of my favourite images I've ever taken. Hope you guys like it as much as I do. I'm an amateur photographer of 3 years , my main job is an electrician

The Lone Sailor

Steven Kemp

This was captured on a Sea Loch at Ballachulish on a super clear night.

USA Flag

Philip Tomlinson

This image was taken in the infamous times square in New York. This small corner of the city is known for its illuminated signs and billboards. Most are high above the crowds and shine light down onto The square from above. But some break from the norm. The American army recruitment building sits at the mouth of the square and is only one storey high. Its entire side wall is a huge illuminated national flag. Walking past I noticed the reflections of the flag in the cars as they stopped in traffic in front of the building. I was drawn to how the straight lines of the flag would bend and stretch as they were reflected, following and hugging the curvaceous body of the cars. As I stood and took several test shot to get the best exposure a number of people walked past, adding scale to the image. Once I had found a nice expose balance it was just a waiting game for the traffic to stop and right number of people to walk by at the same time.

Bonelli's Eagle Fights Off Iberian Fox

Victoria Andrews

At first light in rural Spain, this fox fancied his chances against the eagle. The bird fought hard, making itself huge with it's outstretched wings. Eventually the fox made the bird so dizzy, it tumbled and flew off, leaving it's catch for the hungry fox! It was an amazing experience capturing this event!

Cygnet Hitchin' A Ride

Mark Jones

I was delighted to arrive at my local country park early one morning and find this cygnet riding on its mother's back.

Dancing Great Egrets

Michelle Yorke

Captured these beautiful graceful birds at Rutland Water, my first outing with the Sigma 159-600mm sport lens

In The Sunset

Aref Tahmasebi

Incoming Gannets

Linda Ariss

On a boat around Bempton Cliffs watching the many Gannets. They sometimes looked so ungainly, splaying their wings & feet out but wow, when they fold themselves into a dart shape and dive in for a fish they are so magnificent and a joy to watch.


Paul Lynch

Owl in flight.

The Reflection

Ann Aveyard

A great white egret, photographed in Florida, USA.

Vole's Eye View

Simon Roberts

Barn owl pouncing silently on prey.


Caroline Mockett

A beautiful Waxwing taken earlier this year while the berries were still plentiful. I love how one of the berries has been caught just before disappearing in the Waxwing's beak.

Young Wren, Basking In Sunlight

Andy Paton

Young Wren caught basking in sunlight, garden wildlife, Perthshire


Abingdon Street Fair

Robert Beasley

Captured the return of the historical Abingdon Michaelmas fair (the longest street fair in Europe). The first time since WWII which it was cancelled was during the pandemic so I knew that it returned I had to grab a drone shot

Haldon Belvedere Misty Sunrise, Devon - England

Daryl Baker

l've had some fantastic opportunity's up here at the Belvedere the past few months, revisiting time and time again praying for the perfect conditions. Tuesday however it never crossed my mind it would be this good, I set out from home driving in to a massive amount of fog only being able to see about a meter in front of me, I acted fast headed to some local hills but was disappointed as it was proper high fog, I then gambled and drove up to Haldon hoping for a result... driving still in thick fog for about 10 plus miles I turned off the A38 to drive towards the Belvedere, I couldn't believe it... clear, and the fog/cloud was brimming over the trees, leaving an inversion. I raced down, parked up fast and launched the drone, I remember shouting YES out loud when I saw what was on my screen!! I was so happy to be able to get these conditions, frantically trying to capture all the angles I could before it all dissipated!

Just The Two Of Us

Sean Chinn

As I left Manuel Antonio and headed north to Puntarenas to join my liveaboard. I had to time to quickly stop at the famous Tarcoles Crocodile Bridge. With numerous huge American crocodiles inhabited the river and river beds underneath the bridge. I decided to get my drone up to get a different angle of the crocodiles from directly above.

Old Harry Rocks From Above

Cenk Albayrak-Touye

On my first outing with my drone, I headed to the famous Old Harry Rocks during golden hour. I used the setting sun to illuminate the scene, casting gorgeous light across the fields

Penclawydd Estuary, Swansea

Chris Eley

his photo was taken by my drone when visiting my parents (who lived nearby), it was 6am on a bitterly cold morning, it had been -5 degrees C that night. I ensured I took off and took a few photos and brought the drone back well before the battery was exhausted by the bitter cold as it flew. I love the cold blue colour on the estuary marsh and the cold winter cloudbase in the photo..

Summer In Lofoten

Vit Javorik


The Maple Avenue

Colin Fyfield

These maples were planted to commemorate the sacrifices made my Canadian servicemen who died during the first and second world wars in the local hospital. Each maple is paired with a headstone in the local graveyard.

The Plug Hole

Will Rodwell

Ladybower Resevoir, Peak District in full Autumnal glory! An image that I took in 2022 and was not easy to get! This was photographed in fairly heavy rain not that you can tell but I had a very damp drone on landing!!

The Way Home

Matt Trollen

It always amazes me the way other countries are able to operate in such harsh conditions. This mountain pass in Iceland is not better example. Open to traffic even in so much snow. The back line of the tarmac snaking home through the pristine white.

Tree Silhouettes

Felix Belloin

Drones are a great tool to reveal beauty from inaccessible angles. From the ground, this was just a nicely lit clump of trees in the middle of a field, but from above, the elongated silhouettes crossing the geometrical shapes from farm machinery in the field came to life.

A Peaceful Moment Of Reflection

Marusa Uranjek

The misty sunset brings out the different layers and textures of the cliffs and rocks at Legzira beach. A man sitting far in the distance takes in the magic of the sunset by the sea, and the calmness and peace it brings.

Bealach Na Gaothe, Pass Of The Wind.

Gavin Mann

Didn't know it was called Pass of The Wind at the time but had trouble stopping the wind blowing my camera and tripod over. This is a favourite image and reminds me that I have family living nearby. Loved the light and 'Grand Vista' feel of the place, despite the temperature!

Landscape Painting

Henry Szwinto

A painter paints the lovely landscape while her dogs look on.

Late Summer Birches

Kieran Metcalfe

Taken on a misty morning, late in the season - I was expecting the heather to be brown, but was pleasantly surprised to find there was a good amount off vibrant purple left.

Ogwell Valley - A Moment Of Light

Will Thornton

This shot was taken on a cold, windy and misty day in November, when for a few moments the sun broke through the cloud and mist to paint the landscape in Beautiful colour.


Mark Saunders

A chance wander out into the field at work on a misty morning led to this view of the amazing sunray's through the magnificent old Oak tree. The photo was taken to deliberately obscure the sun behind the tree

Sunrise Delight

Elizabeth Coles

I had woken and seen the mist on the river so quickly got out of bed and grabbed my camera and rushed down to the waterside. I quickly set my camera on the tripod and took various shots the royal Albert bridge with the mist and the Ashtoretore club house underneath. The sunrise started to shine through the mist on this particular image I was so pleased with my morning adventure.

Sunset At Shiprock

Curtis Blum

Navajo Nation, New Mexico, USA. Before he died, my dad assigned me the task of scattering his ashes in a few places. This place was one of them. After WWII he came home and spent a few years on the Colorado Plateau in Utah, Mew Mexico, and Colorado Looking for Uranium hoping that a good find would make him wealthy. That didn't happen, but he always loved this area for the rest of his life. This photo was taken on the evening I spread his ashes just below the monolith.

The Amazing Bromo Volcanoes

Hendy Wicaksono

The beauty of Mount Bromo has been recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful volcanoes. Landscape of Mount Bromo is a barren volcanic peak, gravel plains and the sea sand. The park also includes a vast area that is very lush and green with a stream of high peaks. Medium altitude forest clad with thinner prior to the barren plains and peaks. In parts of the Mount Bromo nasional park's most interesting flora and fauna for visitors is limited and the lack of vegetation. At low altitude out of the sand sea lush green valleys although there is a flora typical of tropical forests. High altitude before the end of the line of trees mostly covered with pine forests.

The End Of The Voyage

Mark Kench

Two wrecks at Pin Mill, Suffolk taken as a long exposure shot at sunrise, 14th Jan 2024


Christopher Holdsworth

From a low angle, I framed the Corpach Shipwreck against the Highland mountains, capturing the vessels weathered grace against the timeless backdrop of rugged peaks, nature eroding the remains of the ship.

Yaks & Nuptse

Patrick Pfirrmann

On the way to Mount Everest I saw a group of Yaks and a Sherpa coming around the corner. In the back you can see Mount Nuptse in it‘s cold an icy dress.

Anybody Home?

Krisztina Mácsai

Jumping spider on an abandoned wasp nest.

Bamboo, After A Storm

Tony Cook

After an autumn storm I wandered around my garden. I saw these jewel-like raindrops on bamboo leaves, grabbed my camera and macro lens, and took the shot


Caroline Bradbury

Pollenating, Used my phone on Burst Mode.

Cucumber Green Spider

Frank Urban

This araniella cucurbitina/cucumber green spider within the handle of a garden tool. Macro, Cumbernauld.

House Fly

Linda Shaw

This is a stacked image of a close up of the head of a common house fly

Mushroom Vantage Point.

Mark Leitch

Whilst out in my local woodland amongst the fallen Sweet Chestnuts, I came across this ladybird perched on a high spot taking in the autumnal colour.

The Snail

Dikye Ariani

A little snail on the leaf.

Wasp On Dandelion

Carol Visser


Wasp Trio Drinking

Ian Mears

This is from a summer project in 2023 to look at the lives of the common wasp taken over a number of weeks in different weather and lighting.

Baul -- The Religious Singer

Kaushik Majumder

In West Bengal, India, there is a religious musical community which is known as 'Baul' and they sing the religious songs as well as devotional songs with their musical string-instruments called – ‘Khamok' and ‘Ektara'. They sing and earn their bread and butter from door to door. They also sing in the religious gathering and functions and through their songs they convey the message of integrity to all.

Behave Hippy Joe

Stephen Ball

Hippy Joe Hymas of Hayseed Dixie always gives a good show for the camera. Taken at Colchester arts Centre.


John Bearby

Street busker in Murcia Spain

Caught In The Moment.

Amy Dorking

Jan Peteh of the band Joker Out caught in the moment whilst lead singer Bojan Cvjeticanin sprays water.

Classical Guitar

Viv Buckley

A studio shot of my friend playing his classical guitar. I love the rich warm tones of the guitar complemented by similar tones in the background.

James And The Cold Gun

Emma Jones

James And The Cold Gun performing at Islington Assembly Hall last year

The Drummer

Angi Wallace

I love how the drummer from this local band is caught in the moment, with lovely light and atmosphere, with the set list nearby helping to tell the story.

The Guitarist

Cliff Spooner

An old friend playing the guitar in my garage. Compiled as a composite with a backdrop of the texture from a slab of rock instead of the drab garage interior...

Victorious Festival 2023

Wendy G Davies

This shot was taken during the finale of the Victorious Festival in Southsea, near Portsmouth.


Dominic Beaven

Lead singer of Amon Amarth Johan Hegg live at Brixton academy. Despite not doing much live performance photography I was lucky enough to get a photo pass for one of my favourite bands Amon Amarth. This was the moment the lead singer pointed directly at me and was lucky enough to capture it.

Anti Gravity Dog

Daniel Sheridan

This is Rusty, a King Charles Cavalier. If there's one thing he isn't rusty at, it's getting massive airtime! Shot this using a Canon r3 & 300mm f2.8ii

Best Friends

Peter Murrell

On the way to work this careful owner took no chances with his beloved friend

Ebony Elegance

Emma Pope

My little Dachshund Levi is my Muse and the whole reason I picked up my first camera in lockdown 2020. In the later half of 2023 I pushed myself to learn the basics of studio with a single strobe (godox AD300pro) so I could produce some beautiful portraits of my dogs at home. Levi's coat is as soft as velvet, something I really wanted to translate across in the image, alongside his elegance.

Hannah And Ramen

Debbie Todd

Hannah and Ramen both have conditions that include hair loss. They are both beautiful and unique but are often misjudged by popular beauty standards.

Ody Playing

Robert Danskin

Our lovely Springer Spaniel and my best friend Ody, enjoying chasing his ball. Nikon Z9 with Nikkor 70-200 2.8 Z S @ 200mm 1/2500 sec F/2.8 iso 100.


Jaime Birdbrook

My German Shepherd Cú, in his element

A Future Farmer

Shady Essam

Portrait of a farmer boy in a field

Authenticity Is A New Future

Lora Arkhypenko

Personal project. The main goal of the project: is to encourage people to think about the value of naturalness and discover new depths of their perception of beauty. To remind us where everything comes from. How important it is to accept natural beauty and appearance, with all age and facial changes. Everything in the picture is natural materials: wood, plants, linen, cotton, leather and ceramics. Each element is a reminder of where it all begins.


Caroline Claye

I was lucky to meet Bunny at a studio in Manchester. As we got to know each other, I began to understand what a unique person he was. He informed me that most of his clothes were made from upcycled material. I wanted to create a portrait to show his wonderful personality


Chris Pig

17/04/2020, one month into the first Covid lockdown, our homes started to slowly feel like cages that we had to stay in for our own safety and the safety of the others. Like zoo animals, kept in enclosed spaces for conservation purpose, but with restricted freedom nonetheless. We were caged, just like animals, in order to survive.

Cerulean Soul Against Crimson Sky

Leopoldo Farrera

In crafting this visual narrative, I aimed to embody a pictorial and minimalist exploration of the theme of red. My friend Elf, graciously modelled and shared with me the insights into the semiotic roots of the color red within her Chinese heritage. Motivated by the richness of her cultural narrative, I sought to distill and encapsulate its essence through a minimalistic lens. By delving into the symbolic significance of red as elucidated by Elf, the artwork becomes not merely a portrait but a thoughtful and deliberate homage to the color in other realms other than the passion or violence.


April Ironside

Chonti's portrait explores how fashion is used as a form of armour from modern society; the image is from my series entitled “Second Skin”.


Debbie Todd

Evie is currently in heart failure and is living in hospital attached to a mechanical heart. She needs people to discuss organ donation, especially in children and share their wishes to reduce the time she has to wait for a new heart, giving her a better chance of survival.


David Baker

The average age of a farmer in North Wales is 60 years. This portrait is part of series called 'The Life I Chose' capturing the elderly farmers at livestock markets in North Wales.

Happy Her

Flavia Raddavero

Today is not just a day; it's a celebration of the happiness that colors her world.

The Boy Outside The Church

Robert Coletti

That photo was taken outside the Church San Francisco , which is located in the heart of downtown Lima. During Holy Week it is common in Peru for people to go on a pilgrimage through the streets, visiting churches, with one of the busiest places being the center of Lima due to the considerable number of ornate and enormous churches it has. Stalls selling souvenirs and decorations of saints are never lacking during Holy Week, with people seeking to take advantage of these religious festivals and tribute to the death of Jesus Christ. The photo was taken at one of these stalls. The boy was playing around while his mother offered the souvenirs to passersby.

The Girl Behind The Train Window.

Mike Matley

On a wet December day at a Christmas leave event, a throw back to the war years, I found myself sat sheltering from the rain looking along the line of windows on the steam train in front of me. I noticed this dreamy looking young girl in a world of her own......

The Potter

Victoria Andrews

This lady potter was happy to pose for me for a portrait while she was spinning pots.

Vianales Portrait

Marco Tiboni

Took this portrait of an old man in a Finca in Vinales, Cuba, as he was talking me through tobacco harvesting and cigars making.


Dejan Mijovic

Domino Game Lll

Shady Essam

From the heart of Cairo, where vibrant streets pulse and culture and friendship intertwine. A group of Egyptian men playing dominoes. Every detail tells its own story - from the fickle hands placing the dominoes to the expressions filled with anticipation and excitement.

Friar Tuck

Caroline English

In a small side street just off the Piazza Navona in Rome I spotted this priest just emerging from a cafe with his sinful purchase. Just as he raised the cornet to his lips, I took the shot. Just as I took the shot, he looked up and straight into the camera. It has always been one of my favourite images.

Last Light

Simon Rich

Sunset in London just after the rain. The last few rays of light passing behind the building.

Mowgli From Urban Jungle

Yevhen Samuchenko

Street shot from Varanasi,India

On The Cobbles

Abbie Fallows

This photo was taken in the centre of a British high street, one particularly sparce and empty. The choice to place the image in black and white was done to convey a timeless feel, a connection to the original street photographs taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson for example. This is particularly apt because although times and eras have changed, in many ways the British high street has not. For the large part mundane and repetitive, it still continues to offer moment by moment interesting images, however.

One Man And His Dog

Mike Martin

Taken in Bath using a borrowed camera on a Panasonic demo day. I sat on the bench next to the dog owner and used the articulated screen to compose whilst pointing the camera sideways. Didn't know I'd taken the shot! Panasonic G7, 25mm prime, 1/400th sec, f22, ISO200

Social Distancing

Jason Au

On a Sunday during the Covid-19 pandemic, Hong Kong residents congregated in a shopping mall atrium. To tackle Covid-19, the Hong Kong government has enforced by law to prohibit group gatherings of more than four persons in public places. Therefore, every group of people maintained a minimum 1.5 meter 'social distance' from another group of people. A compliance officer wearing a lanyard around his neck was seen enforcing the social distancing rule.

The Conversation

Ed Hasler

Two people are silhouetted against an illuminated wall in an office building.

The Daily Grind

Paul Swinney

A man gives out free newspapers to commuters at London Bridge. I love how you feel like you are right in amongst the action with this photo, the energy of the passing commuters and the look on the man's face as he performs his task. Some claimed covid meant this scene would be a thing of the past. They were wrong.

The Last Train

A B M Nayeem Siddiquee

I was crossing the railway station during winter morning while the last train was going to leave their station. The children were very excited for their journey. The happiness in their eyes inspired me to take the image.

The Walker

Victoria Andrews

The Kings Cross Station tunnel is not that easy to get photographs in. There are so many people passing through, so I started out early and managed to capture this one person just at the right time while the changing colours of the walls were at their most vibrant.

Balloons Over Bagan

Ed Hasler

Hot air balloons float over a number of temples in Bagan, Myanmar at sunrise.

Baobab Alley

Kirsty Dolphin

Destination Dreamland

Becky Bailey

I am Deaf. I experience the world through pictures. This wonderful Zanibaris boy was cycling behind me on the beach. I hadn't heard him. Suddenly, he whizzed past in all his joyous, youthful glory. I wanted to capture his vivacity and his open spirit. I raced after him. Despite the chaos behind the camera (as I struggled through the soft sand, panting to keep up) this photo portrays a serene, tranquil landscape supporting this bright carefree soul. He is travelling to who know where? Maybe he doesn't even know. Whatever his journey through life, I hope his future is as vibrant as the energy he radiates here.

Herring Boat

Paul Brady

taken whilst on holiday in iceland,the factory light gave foreground lighting and the aurora completed the scene.

Lake Inle Fisherman/Nets

Tejaswini Earp

The fishermen at Lake Inle Myanmar depend on fishing for their livelihoods. Canon Camera

Mundari Cattle Camp

Svetlin Yosifov

In the Mundari cattle camps, kids are doing most of the daily work. Kids collect the fresh cow dung and put it into piles which are then set on fire. Those fire are useful as they repel the (extremely) numerous and voracious flies and mosquitoes of the South Sudanese countryside. The Mundari also use the ash created by these fires to rub on themselves and their cattle, creating a protection against mosquitoes.

Nandgaon Holi

Santanu Bose

The festival of Holi is celebrated with a great deal of joy and enthusiasm in Uttar Pradesh. It glorifies the advent of spring and adds a lot of colour to people's lives. Different places in Uttar Pradesh have unique ways of celebrating the festival. The people of Nandgaon celebrate Holi in a distinctive fashion and attract a large number of visitors. Nandgao people celebrate Holi with the splash of colours. Every year thousands of devotees and tourists attend this cultural festival.

Quang Phu Cau Incense Stick Craft Village

Quan Nguyen Ho

Quang Phu Cau incense stick craft village

Reader's Digest

Roger A P Jones

I've noticed that the main resulting theme for 'TRAVEL' is the destination. I have decided to focus the aspect of the actual travelling as an experience itself.

Valencia Opera House

Graeme Hilditch

Long exposure of the PALAU DE LES ARTS REINA SOFIA, Valencia

A Happy Muncher

Adrian Wooollas

One of the highland cows on the edge of the peak district. taken at golden hour with the setting sun giving a beautiful orange rim light to the already amazingly orange fur of the highland cow. taken on a wide angle lens and then stretched for a 1x1 crop.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Lucas Dove

A baby monkey in Bali, Indonesia hiding from the big world but still curious about what's out there!

Hippos On The Chobe

Maggie Bullock

These Hippos on the Chobe River in Botswana came very close to the boat.

Larval Octopus

Rick Ayrton

This image was taken on a blackwater dive, this is where you dive at night in the open water with no sea bed or reef nearby, then use powerful lights to attract planktonic animals. This dive was conducted in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia and I was fortunate to have come across a larval mimic octopus, this translucent creature was approximately 2cm across

Long Tongued Bat Approaching Banana Leaf

Marilyn Taylor

It was so dark it was very difficult to see these very small bats flying in like ghosts

The Main Man

Melanie Sharp

A stunning male Mandrill who is head of his large troop. A proud sole who looks every inch the leader. The light was just catching the highlights in his fur and on his face. I caught this beautiful male Mandrill looking up at the sky deep in thought - or so it appeared. He knew exactly what was going on around him and where all his troop were

Two Mice At The Log Pile Door.

Simon Dell

wild mice that I care for and protect in my wildlife garden . they live in a log pile and come out daily for a peanut as they come out of the same hole daily I made them a door opening from a used coconut shell and this is the result .

What's The Meaning Of Life

Tara Keane

Orangutan, Borneo. I am fascinated by orangutans - have been since childhood. I find their faces so expressive, I would love to know what's going on in their minds when they sit so pensively in the forest.

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