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USA Flag

Philip Tomlinson

This image was taken in the infamous times square in New York. This small corner of the city is known for its illuminated signs and billboards. Most are high above the crowds and shine light down onto The square from above. But some break from the norm.
The American army recruitment building sits at the mouth of the square and is only one storey high.
Its entire side wall is a huge illuminated national flag. Walking past I noticed the reflections of the flag in the cars as they stopped in traffic in front of the building. I was drawn to how the straight lines of the flag would bend and stretch as they were reflected, following and hugging the curvaceous body of the cars. As I stood and took several test shot to get the best exposure a number of people walked past, adding scale to the image. Once I had found a nice expose balance it was just a waiting game for the traffic to stop and right number of people to walk by at the same time.

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