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Haldon Belvedere Misty Sunrise, Devon – England

Daryl Baker

l’ve had some fantastic opportunity’s up here at the Belvedere the past few months, revisiting time and time again praying for the perfect conditions.

Tuesday however it never crossed my mind it would be this good, I set out from home driving in to a massive amount of fog only being able to see about a meter in front of me, I acted fast headed to some local hills but was disappointed as it was proper high fog, I then gambled and drove up to Haldon hoping for a result… driving still in thick fog for about 10 plus miles I turned off the A38 to drive towards the Belvedere, I couldn’t believe it… clear, and the fog/cloud was brimming over the trees, leaving an inversion.
I raced down, parked up fast and launched the drone, I remember shouting YES out loud when I saw what was on my screen!! I was so happy to be able to get these conditions, frantically trying to capture all the angles I could before it all dissipated!

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